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I'm cleaning my room for the first time in months. It's taking many many hours, over a period of three days, and I think I'm only halfway there. It's hard to tell.

I haven't really spent any time in my room in a very long while. I don't work in there. I don't play in there. I hardly even sleep in there. It's become somewhat of a storage area for my clothes and other crap, and that's about it. I get dressed in there, and I check on the snake and crabs a few times a day, but otherwise I spend a lot of my time at home in the living room.

It occurs to me, not for the first time, that I don't have a physical place to retreat to. I don't have anywhere to close myself off from the world, and just be. I'm gonna change that. I'm sure it'll take me a few more days to get my room squared away. It was pretty gnarly in there. Like a tornado hit... a few times. And like the room was tossed by someone looking for some information or something. And yeah.

But once it's clean and tidy, I'm gonna redecorate. I want a new bedspread anyway. I may or may not take down some of the pics on the wall. I'll definitely be digging my posters out of the closet, framing some of them, and putting them up. Gonna try to organize things better, and I'm also gonna try really hard to keep things from getting messy again.

Anyway, end of random post. Gonna grab a quick bite to eat and get back in there. Gotta keep moving while I'm still motivated.
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