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The Somewhat Tasty Thoughts of Griffin McTasteypants.

Often Random and Sometimes Not So Random Tastey Ramblings.

Griffin (McTasteypants)
19 September 1984
About me? Really? Yes, about me. Really. Well alright then. Am I certain? Yes! Get on with it! Oh...okay. Since I insist...

I am Griffin (McTasteypants). Oh, more info... okay...

Well, lets see. I'm a chameleon. I easily fit in with a number of groups and types of people without trying, and I don't think of myself as a poser for that reason. I don't have to try. I just carry within me a number of different personalities, or something. No, not schizophrenic either. Just...experienced, I guess. But not in that 'wisdom of life' sort of way. In that way I'm still very much naive. I'm small and cute, sometimes timid, sometimes outgoing, very weird, and oftentimes even a little bit crazy. Overall I'm a pretty unique individual.

According to one person, I'm a "paradoxical punky goth irish cowgirl", or something similar. In truth I dunno if I've got that right, so I guess it shouldn't be in quotation marks, but whatever. Moving on...

I like romantic walks on the beach at suns- wait a minute. Did I really just go there? How cliche of me. Then again, I am a hopeless romanitc. Anyway, moving on. I'm an artist. I draw, traditionally with graphite, sometimes colored pencils, but I've spent the last couple of years with more focus on digital art. Photoshop, in particular. I'm trying to wean myself from my tablet and hit the sketchbooks with pencil again, but it's hard when I'm so used to the 'undo' function. I like books. I like reading them. I don't generally stray very far from sci-fi and fantasy. I like swords and knives and daggers and other pointy things. I have a bit of knowledge in the staged swordfight choreography department, but it's been a while since I've been able to put it to use. I used to play the flute (first chair in 3-6th grade, le whoot!), and I know a bit of guitar. I can sing pretty well, methinks, but my shyness generally keeps me from proving it. I'm computer savvy (software, NOT hardware) and I know html.

I love animals, horses in particular, and I've been riding (off and on) for more than half of my life. I volunteered my summers at Bar S Stables in Griffith Park, LA, for a few years, where I rode easily more than 30 horses, all with quite different personalities. I completed an intership at the San Diego Zoo a couple of years ago, and I was part of a behavior research study of the tigers the following summer. I've got a dog and some fish and two turtles, a snake, and a frog at my dad's place (yes, I'm living with dad again). At my mom's in Lucerne Valley I have three horses (and a pony), four dogs, and four cats. I would consider my experience with handling animals pretty extensive. And I love them all! (but not quite to bits and pieces O_o).

Is there more? Perhaps...